Cookie Policy


Sipex s.a.s., with registered office in Milan, Via Valsesia 28, is aware of the importance of protecting information that online users can provide through the navigation of the website

As the owner of the personal data of the site, Sipex has adopted this privacy policy with the aim of informing users about the use of cookies on the site.

What is a cookie and what is its purpose?

A cookie is a small file that is sent to the browser and saved on your device when you visit a website. Cookies allow the site to function efficiently and improve its services, in addition to providing information to the site owner for statistical purposes.

The Sipex website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") uses Cookies to make its services simple and effective for users visiting the portal page. 

There are various types of Cookie, some used to make using the Website more efficient, others to enable certain functions. 

For example, Cookies can:

  • memorise entered preferences; 
  • prevent users from having to re-enter the same information several times during their visit; 
  • analyse use of the services and contents provided by the website visited in order to optimise the browsing experience and services offered.

Types of Cookies used by the Sipex website

The types of Cookies used by the Sipex website are listed below, grouped according to their reasons for use.

Navigation cookie

From the first access these cookies allow the website to function correctly and allow you to view content on your device by recognizing the language of your browser. Navigation cookies are technical cookies and are needed for the functioning of the website.

Analytical cookies

The cookies in this category are used to gather information regarding use of the website. The Sipex website uses this information to obtain anonymous statistical analyses in order to improve use of its Website and to adapt its contents to the desires of its visitors. This type of Cookie gathers information anonymously regarding the user's activity and how he or she arrived at the Website. Analytical cookies may be sent from the Website itself (so-called "first-party" Cookies) but they are generally sent from third party domains / websites (so-called "third-party" Cookies). Included in this category, for example, are Web Analytics, where the data gathered is limited to use of the website by the user and the number of accesses to the website, in order to manage the performance and structure of the website. These cookies are generally persistent.
To disable analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your navigation, you can download the add-on from your browser to deactivate Google Analytics:
Google policy:

How to manage the Cookies used by the Sipex website through browser configuration

Nearly all internet browsers are set up to automatically accept Cookies. The user can modify the predefined configuration (generally set to "medium" level) and disable Cookies, selecting from the form provided (generally entitled "Privacy") the highest level of protection. In all cases, the user also has the opportunity to delete individual Cookies from his or her computer by going to "Internet Options", Tools menu and selecting the "General" form and clicking the appropriate deletion button.

The user can find further information at To delete Cookies from the internet browser of your smartphone/tablet, you should refer to the device's user manual.